Sterling Cookies & Cream Flavour E-liquid Concentrate

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Sterling Cookies & Cream Flavour E-liquid Concentrate

Introducing Sterling Cookies & Cream flavour concentrate, available in various sizes.


Concentrated e-liquid is flavouring mixed in to PG base, All Sterling flavours are UK made and manufactured sourced from recognised established companies for base ingredients and contain no harmful ingredients that contrevene the european law and indeed TPD directives Our Flavour Concentrates are highly concentrated flavourings created by Sterling Flavour UK and can be added to unflavoured e liquid (PG/VG).

They can be added as individual flavours or blended together to create your own DIY eliquid flavours. Our own blended flavours have been created using Sterling Flavour concentrates in order to provide the best eliquid flavour.

Our eliquid ingredients and flavour ingredients are carefully chosen and tested because we believe that eliquid safety is important.

Our goal is to be the best eliquid supplier and flavour supplier providing the best eliquid for your ecig along with first class customer service.

Good Manufacturing Practice

All flavours come from companies certified by the GMP by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and inspected on a regular basis to ensure full pharmaceutical grade compliance in our productions systems and processes.

BRC Grade “A”

Certified to British Retail Consortium Grade “A” standard, guaranteeing to our customers that we meet the highest global standards of food safety in our production, processes and products.

Kosher Certification

KLBD Kosher Certification is a leading global kosher certification agency operating across six continents.

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