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By our good friend Colin Noller

Cutting through the vaping jargon

Tank – what holds your eliquid

Rda – rebuildable drip atomiser (experienced vapers will use these) you buil a coil using wire and cotton and drip eliquid onto the coil directly for a couple of vapes and then add more eliquid

Rta – rebuildable tank atomisers (experienced vapers again will use these) rebuildable coil housed in a tank
Squonking – the buzz word of vaping for 2017. It’s a rda that has a bottom feeding tank and you squeeze the tank to feed eliquid to a rda

Mech mod – and unregulated system that usually consists of a battery and rda . This system has no fancy display or regulation over how much power goes from your battery to the rda , basically you get the amount of power to the rda that the battery has lower the battery life less power to the rda these are mainly used by very experienced vapers for that big cloud experience

Coil- this is the main part of the Vape that holds wire and cotton and makes the Vape by the battery transferring power to the wire which heats up and burns the saturated cotton to make vapour. The coil uses something called ohms law which is basically resistance of the wire usually displays in ohms to power which can be displayed in watts

Regulated mod – these are usually Vape mods with power regulation and usually have a display to show how much power is being transfered from battery to coil which is usually displayed in watts or temperature of the coil depending on how you Vape

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